Kings(birth)day activities

Kings(birth)day childrens rumble sale AMVO

Childrens rumble sale on the parkinggrounds behind Party Center AMVO, Julianaweg Volendam (07.00 – 14.00 hours). Dozens of children sell their second hand belongings on the unregulated street market on Kingsday. 

Kings(birth)day children´s games

Children can play games (especially Old Dutch games), as part of Kings(birth)day on the pavement in front of the Volendam museum in the Zeestraat in Volendam (08.00 – 13.30 hrs).  A few stalls with local products are set up as well and tiny pancakes (“poffertjes”) will be baked en sold.

Kings(birth)day activities in Edam

Children`s party as part of Kings(birth)day on the Jan Nieuwenhuizenplein (also known as Kaasmarkt “Cheesemarket”), Damplein en Jan van Wallendalplein in Edam.
There is a special program for the children of the local primary schools, a treasure hunt (for the young and old) on bicycle and “Old Dutch” games and a sing a long program for all interested visitors on the Kaasmarkt.

Startdatum van het evenement 27-04-2019
Einddatum van het evenement 27-04-2019